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Small Fire Pan by Tye Works


Small Fire Pan by Tye Works

• Weighs 10.5 pounds and assembles in seconds with no tools or fasteners
• 12" x 18" x 3.5" outside dimensions (Meets regulations for almost all wilderness rivers)
• Includes a cooking grill and a snug fitting aluminum lid.
• Grill and legs store inside the pan for easy transport.  Nylon storage bag included.
• Flat rate Domestic Shipping $15.00

At only 10.5 pounds, including a lid, the Small Tye Works Fire Pan is even lighter than our Standard Pan, without sacrificing features or performance. You can't drive a truck over it, or use it as an anchor, but it will light up your nights for many years.

Fire Pans are required on wilderness rivers. They protect soil and contain the ashes following the "leave no trace" ideal of wilderness camping. The Tye Works Fire Pan has been tested (in various configurations) for years on river and camping trips. Some rivers also require a "FIre Blanket" be used under the pan to catch wayward embers. Contact us if you need a blanket as well.

The Small Fire Pan by Tye Works measures 17" x 11" (inside dimensions) and stands 4.5" off the ground. Its 3" lip meets Forest Service (USFS) and National Park Service (NPS) regulations for all rivers except to burn wood on the Grand Canyon. The pan itself is light gauge steel reinforced on the bottom. The legs are heavy gauge, square aluminum tubing and bar stock. The grill is perforated steel sheet, with a 3/8" rim around it to keep your hot dogs from rolling off into the sand. Legs and the grill easily disassemble to fit inside the pan. A tight fitting lid keeps everything in its place, and serves as a wind screen.

Please be aware that fire pan requirements vary by river. Check before you arrive at the put in. Use of a Fire Pan is not a substitution for common sense fire management practices. Always pack out your ash.