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Problems?  Suggestions?  Product Feedback?

We'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us directly at our email:  TyeWorksLLC@gmail.com

Our mailing address is:  3029 NE 182nd St
                                        Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

We also appreciate any phone calls.  Often it faster just to call, so please reach out: (206) 659-8957      (206) 659-TWKS

We will try to respond within 24hrs during normal business hours PST.  If you need to be called at another time, let us know.  We will try to accommodate you.  As a small business, we occasionally head for the rivers to test new gear and meet new friends. The beauty of rivers is that many of those in the West lie beyond the data sphere.  On these occasions, we will try to remember to set the auto-reply on our email and the message on our voicemail to let you know when we might be able to get back to you.