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May 13, 2019:  We are building up inventory for the season.  We still have a dozen Standard Fire Pans to build, and two Small ones.  We are out of the Large Size.  Currently we do not have a date when more of these base pans will be shipping to us, so order now.  Look here for updates.

Hand Wash Systems and other smaller items will be shipping in two days or less.   Fire Pans may take a few days more.  Contact us if you have any specific deadlines.  Smaller items ship USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days).   Fire Pans mostly ship FedEx Ground. Contact us if you have specific requirements. 

FREE SHIPPING on Hand Wash Systems!.  This is for domestic shipping only.   Our International customers are going to receive a separate invoice for shipping.  For a single Hand Wash System, this will be about $8.00 US for Canada, $12.00 US  for Europe, and $14.00 US for other locations.