Welcome to our updated website!

We are busy getting ready for summer.

May 19, 2024.  I am out for my (now annual) road trip to kayak the N. Fk. Umqua in Oregon with my sister and various friends.  I will ship orders as soon as I can after I return on the 25th, but remember Memorial Day is the following Monday... 

Most orders will ship in 1 or 2 days.  Contact us if you have any specific deadlines.  Free shipping is shifting to USPS Ground or UPS Ground.  This allows me to not raise prices this year.   If you need an order faster than 3-5 days, please message me by text, or email.  I will do what I can.  Trowels ship USPS First Class Mail.  Larger orders will always ship by UPS ground. 

FREE SHIPPING on Hand Wash Systems and other smaller items.  This is for domestic shipping only.   I have now added an option to purchase International Shipping by adding it to the cart before checkout.  This should make things easier for my world-wide customers.

We continue to cut the amount of plastic used in shipping.  Note that we do reuse as much shipping materials (including plastics) as we can, so you may get some interesting packing materials... Please understand our commitment to reuse and recycling.