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Frosty Beverage Holder (FBH)

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Frosty Beverage Holder (FBH)

A simple holder for your favorite drink.

Every beverage needs a safe place to rest; a place to relax, unwind, and await its inevitable demise.  The Tye Works FBH is the perfect place to keep your beverage, while it contemplates its ultimate fate.  Whether your preference is a slim energy drink, a 12 oz. can, or a one liter bottle, the FBH will keep them close at hand.  Other size beverages can be held on request. Specify to mount on 1.66" or 1.90" exterior diameter pipe.  

Our new "Australian" sized FBH will gently cradle your Foster's oil can, Nalgene liter bottle, or just a 12oz. can in a thick cozy.